Japan | Kansai | Day 1 & 2, Arrival in Kansai and Kyoto

Believe it or not, this was my first trip to Japan. Yes, I am also kinda shocked myself. I mean I love anime and I have two Japanese-styled influenced tattoos on my body yet I have never stepped foot on the land of the rising sun. I don't know. I always have this impression that I need a lot of money to be able to have a vacation trip there. Well, after this trip, I guess it's kind of true but I bought a lot of stuff there, so I might be spending more than I need to.

// Breakdown of expenses //

So before I start on pouring out the pictures. Here are some breakdown of my Japan trip expenses. I'll be referring to SGD as $ from here on out.

-- essentials --
AirAsiaX return flight (KL - Kansai airport) // RM1369, ~456$ per person **including 20kg check in baggage
Airbnb Kyoto 4 nights // 267.82$, ~22.32$ per person per night
Airbnb Osaka 6 nights // 336.72$, ~18.71$ per person per night
Japan Wireless PocketWifi // 6950yen, ~82$ for 10 days

We also changed 1000$ per person to yen to be used there.
So I could say that we roughly used around 2000$ per person in total for our Japan 11 days trip that includes:

-- optional --
Gion Nanba Kaiseki // 8000yen, ~ 96$ per person
Universal Studios Japan // 7600yen, ~90$ per person
USJ Express Pass // 11478yen, 138$ per person
Kobe beef // 30000yen, 360$ for 3 person

We did not really held back with food or snacks. We just went ahead with anything that tickles our fancy. So, you could say we weren't really frugal with our money. Cause we live to eat. Haha. But I did find some cheaper transportation alternatives by taking advantage of Japan's tourist tickets! Like for example, Kyoto Access Ticket, Osaka Kaiyukan ticket that includes one day transportation in Osaka, and also some other perks for foreign tourists! I'll talk about them more in details in my blog below when relevant.

Japan | Kansai | Joey's 9 days Autumn Itinerary

This is going to be my master post list for my Japan Kansai Autumn 2017 Itinerary (man, that is a mouthful). I still have not figure out how I am going to write them yet but I don't think I'm going to push them all in one post. Most probably will split them up according to the timeline. So, I'll be linking up the detailed ones in this master post. I am also planning to make a bonus post about what to buy in Japan (snacks and souvenirs ideas). Personally tried and tested by yours truly, and also might be biased because I'll be recommending the things that me or my family likes. I thought it would be useful because I have also no idea what to buy before I went there. Tried to google for "what to buy in Japan" and a whole load of drugstore items came up which is not what I had in mind.

I personally planned everything for our Japan trip. So, what I like to do is research about the city that I want to go then go in details about each point of interest and then only decide if I want to go or not. But no definite day on where to go because I wanted to make it flexible. I have also prepared some maps on google, marking interesting places, filling in details like opening hours or what to especially look out for at those area. I don't go to everything I marked of course, so I'll leave them for future trips. 

So, this is the breakdown of my itinerary. I'll also link the blog post when they are up.

Dec '17

// Happening this month // 
ninja cats
trying out jamie's italian restaurant
three ways to cook samyang's korean spicy noodles
long lost friend mary in singapore
genting with joann and liz
surprise birthday celebration from family
birthday countdown at tower 360 aka kl tower
first prawning experience
and.. more photos of bianca and grey


Having a lot of late night thoughts regarding this topic in particular. Mostly because I'm still reflecting on recent happenings. I wrote it in Japanese so that it's not that cheesy.... I mean, I'm not some fifth grader anymore but it's always an area that I do not excel in. 

It's just that.. recently I realize.. I'm just focusing on really depressing area and ignoring the people that I should treat better. It just felt like shit, you know, when you treat somebody nice, just so you expect the same thing from them but they don't really care, they only think about their own interest. While on the other hand, there are people who cares and worries about me, and I shun from them. What kind of sick world is this? 

I'm also really caught up with this one "drama" that happened recently. I realize I am always sharing this story when I got the chance just so I can justify my action and get really upset about it. Truth to be told, I am still kind of caught up with it. I'm writing this here on my blog, and I promise myself I will just let things go after this. I've been replaying the whole scenario in my head a lot. It's been bothering me so much. You can be friends for a long time but that does not mean that everything is going to stay the same for all times. People change, our environment changes, our thinking and even our characteristics change but it does not justify that people should befriend me just because "I'm just like the old me" or get angry at me because "I'm not like the old me". I have come to a conclusion to just lessen down the negative interactions. Why waste so much negative energy on somebody who doesn't even look at the current you as you are? Honestly, I can't brain myself some times. 
I only realize this much too late. I want to just say goodbye to those "friends" that only think of themselves and not other people. 

I should learn to say no and let it be. I won't waste my energy making some silly reasons to justify my unavailability. 

And I do not understand myself, to try so hard just so that somebody who doesn't even respect me to like me. Like I'm trying so hard to impress them or interact with them. But in the end, I get "I'll hang out with you just because I have nothing to do" vibe. When we're out, they just occupy themselves with their phone. This is the worst, I mean there isn't even any trace of respect. I'm not even sure what the other person is thinking. Man, I don't even understand what I AM thinking, to even waste my energy with these kind of people. I'm gonna treat myself better, and just return the favor. Please Joey, no more. Just use that time and energy some where else. 

Then there's these neutral friends. They can be a fun bunch to hang out together but you can't really rely on them too much. I don't have any problems with that but I was so bothered last time too. But now I learnt to just accept that this is reality. Other people have their own circle of friends too that they rather be with. They don't owe me anything.

Lastly, those friends that I should have treat better because they should be. Not that they are much to begin with. If I keep up my ignorance, well, I'm gonna have none in the future. I know I am always focusing on the negative side of things, but I have not completely forgotten the good friends that I have met in my life. Just that, my brain pushes them aside. I'll learn to look at the better picture. 

I am going to sound cheesy again, but there's always this saying, "you can't clap with just one hand", I think it applies in this case as well. 

Nov '17

// Happening this month // 
new iphone
outing with aleena
quest for shoes
hwee chien's wedding
sand & sky mask
trying out durian pizza
boardgames with strangers
ed sheeran's concert in singapore
...  and more kitties' photos